Concert Music

Orchestra/Large Ensemble

E Toru Ngā Karakia (2024)
improvising ensemble
Ko te tātai whetū (2015)
concerto for taonga puoro and orchestra
composed in collaboration with Ariana Tikao
Landforms (1998)
chamber orchestra


Manaaki (2022)
taonga puoro, string quartet
composed in collaboration with Ariana Tikao
Debris Flow (2017)
3 violas
Ko te tātai whetū (chamber version) (2017)
taonga puoro (2 players), flute, harp, piano, violin, viola, cello
composed in collaboration with Ariana Tikao
Stolen Time (2014)
recorder, dulcian
Gracious numbers decayed (2013)
oboe, clarinet, bassoon
Canzona per sonare: Degraded Echoes (2013)
recorder, string quartet
Pariwhero (2012)
violin, piano
The stars like years (2011)
clarinet quartet (E♭, 2 B♭, bass)
The Hedgehog’s Dilemma (2010)
clarinet quartet (E♭, 2 B♭, bass)
He rimu pae noa (2009)
taonga puoro (1 or 2 players), flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano
As if to catch the fleeting tail of time (2009)
solo guitar, 2–6 other players (instrumentation flexible)
Improbable Mechanism (2008)
recorder quartet (2 alto, tenor, bass)
Circuit Diagram (2008)
violin, cello (may also be performed as a solo by either instrument)
The quietest name of the wind (2006)
flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, vibraphone, viola, double bass
Te Hau o Tāwhirimātea (2004)
taonga puoro, alto flute/piccolo
Water Sketch with Tui (2004)
violin, piano
Sparks Among the Geysers (2003)
flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, oboe/cor anglais, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, double bass
Written on the Wind, and Running Water (2001)
string quartet
In vento scripta (2001)
violin, cello
Tendril and Nebula (1999)
clarinet, bass clarinet, bass trombone, percussion, cello, double bass
Figura (1995)
flute/piccolo/alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello
Galatea (1994)
clarinet, violin, cello
Trio for clarinets (1992)
2 B♭ clarinets, bass clarinet


Catchpool valley, early autumn (2023)
vibraphone and environmental sound
The Habits of Leaves (2022)
The length of a breath (2009)
contrabass recorder
As if to catch the fleeting tail of time, solo version (2009)
Sinew/Synapse (2001)
Synonta (2000)
Harakeke (1999)


Ex machina (2004)
Ex machina, open version (2003)
with improvising drumkit
Cat, Dog, Pie (2002)
Mists and Voices (1999)
Shoreline (1997)
with solo cello
Nocturne (1995)


Night Countdown (2014)
soprano voice, bass recorder
Phyllis Remembers (1996)
soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto flute, violin, viola, cello, electroacoustic sound