Sparks Among the Geysers

flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, oboe/cor anglais, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, double bass

Composed 2003, duration 16’30”

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Performance by Stroma, conducted by Hamish McKeich, Auckland, March 2003:

Recorded by Radio New Zealand Concert.

Dans cette danse générale, nous brûlons, flammèches parmi les geysers, essence parmi les jets, chaleur parmi les vibrations, matière parmi les transformations et les béances, projetés à la vitesse limite supérieure, mondes vers anti-mondes, pour un autre éclat.

The piece draws metaphorical substance from the movements of air currents: spiralling eddies, flowing breezes, sudden gusts, expanses of calm disrupted by turbulent cross-currents. The title is taken from an essay by François Bayle, which discusses the phenomenology of musical experience in richly poetic language. While not to be taken literally, this phrase reflects the play of energies in the music, and the transfer of energy between different regions, an evanescent surface, subject to unseen subterranean forces.